27. Februar 2010

Finally winter clouds have parted and sunbeams are dancing on hungry faces. Spring has come to Weimar and the sun is bright as is the mood. Everyone is out, walking in the streets, enjoying the first sights of spring. It feels so good! Just 6 days ago I took these two photos in Berlin.

22. Februar 2010

90 candles and an owl. Today is my grandpa's 90th birthday!! I'm sooo happy he's still around and we can celebrate this awesome anniversary. I did the illustration above for his birthday card. The owl stands for his profession as a journalist of the East-German satirical magazine »Eulenspiegel«. This magazine often used the owl as an emblem. My grandfather was the deputy chief editor there and when I was a child I always scrolled through magazines and books that laid around in his work room. They were filled with tons of cartoons and illustrations. So, it‘s probably his fault that I became an illustrator ;)
Alles Gute, Opa!!!

20. Februar 2010

A small, nightly glimpse of my desk in our new studio. It's in a house where many illustrators and other creatives have their work spaces. This pop-up bird welcomed us when we moved in. It was made by Rosa, who has really nice music for late work shifts. My funny valentine...

19. Februar 2010

There are soooo many birthdays of friends and family in January and February. I had mine on Monday and it was an eventful day. Filled with delicious Asian food, cool cocktails, hot coffee in comfortable armchairs, a nerdy and very funny 3D movie and a museum with stuffed animals. I like birthdays! And on monday will be another one. A big one! I am excited and preparing everything for this day. Just 3 more days.

13. Februar 2010

This week was filled with change, good and bad. A dear friend left for the other side of the world. And we moved into our new studio! Which is good, because I wanted to separate work and »normal« life, but now that it's done, it feels odd and strange, even a bit melancholic like a piece is missing. While my home desk looks sad without all my working material, my work desk has a comfy view and nice people nearby.

So, weekend is weekend now. No work is beckoning me over and I wonder, what shall I do with this empty time? Maybe watching this cute music duo is a good start.

5. Februar 2010

Ice Cream Company »Langnese« now sells fashion. At their new online shop two of my t-shirt designs can be purchased, one being this »Happy cat, sad cat«-design. Oh, I miss summer with ice cream in the sun.

4. Februar 2010

I've never been that girly girl who drew ponys and princess stuff. I had cooler stuff like my comic characters Otto, the snail and Paul, the giraffe, who were best friends *haha*…well, today I had this girly thing going on by drawing girls with different hairdos…mmh, seems that I‘m a Mädchen-Mädchen after all.

3. Februar 2010

Heavenly geometry. Two planes and the late afternoon sun drew a shape into the sky.

2. Februar 2010

While doodling to warm up and somehow to find that great idea I need, these two came up…I liked them (especially this seriously walking cat) and granted them some digital colour. Still haven't got that idea, but at least another blog entry ;)