25. Juli 2010

18. Juli 2010

11. Juli 2010

10. Juli 2010

Oh my god, it's hot!!! The outside thermometer said 41˚C (105˚F) in the sun and inside isn't much better. I'm boiling here at 33˚C (91˚F), my Mac is blowing like mad and my sweaty hand doesn't move as smoothly on my graph tablet as usual. Well, everything is fine, as long as one doesn't move…so, I stop typing now, this definitely belongs to movement as well.

Oh, and Paul, the octopus predicted that Germany will win today's match for the third place in the tournament and Spain will win tomorrow's finale. So, let's see, if he's been right again.

Edit: Wohoo, Paul!!! He's been right about the 3rd place for Germany…and *jipp* his predictions about the finale have been correct as well. Perfect Paul!!! And Congratulations to Spain!

8. Juli 2010

What I love about being an early bird (well, more a late bird) is Lady Dawn, her beautiful dress and the birds singing for her.
Well, the better team has won. Congratulations Spain. But still, Paul the octopus and his flawless hit rate is puzzling. Mmh, I wonder, if his predictions are as accurate when asked about the next lottery numbers ;)

6. Juli 2010

Today is International Kissing Day. So, grab everyone you love and kiss, kiss, kiss! :)

4. Juli 2010

3. Juli 2010

The suggestion of Wolf Erlbruch’s postcard calendar what to do in July was a good one. We wholeheartedly followed it in this heat. It even got hotter during the soccer game between Germany and Argentina today. 4:0 for Germany!! Poor Maradona.

1. Juli 2010

Sun didn't show up on sunday. A big sorry for that, but sun was busy, as one can see ;)
It's hot! And I'm back in Weimar. There is much to do and while I'm melting away at my desk, I reminisce about these two days we spent at the lake. *sigh*