27. September 2010

The not so fun part of being an illustrator is getting contracts and then negotiate them. So usually reading through a contract, adding my notes, looking up the current, uninspiring laws etc. takes much time and is on my top5-list of things I don't like, well let's say »hate«. But today has been totally different! While reading a contract I stumbled upon this paragraph and had a laughing fit for several minutes (it says something like »Till the illustrations are delivered to the publisher the danger of a downfall (or sinking) of the illustrations remains with the illustrator, even when the downfall/sinking is accidental.). Oh, I HAD to sketch something about that…hach, thank you, dear legal department!
P.S. Sorry for being a bad blogger lately! I'm trying to improve that.


  1. Meine Erfahrung ist, dass komische Klauseln in Verträge jeglicher Art immer auf absurden Erfahrungswerten beruhen. Wir haben zum Beispiel einen 30-seitigen Mietvertrag mit Klauseln wie "kein offenes Feuer auf dem Wohnzimmerboden machen" oder "keine rechtsradikalen Plakate aus den Fenstern hängen". Warum also nicht Zeichungen vor dem Untergang bewahren :)!

  2. *hahaha* Feuer auf dem Schlafzimmerboden ist dann also ok? :)