9. April 2011


Resurfacing. Not only all the colours and smells and bird's songs arise again, but also me. I brought a mean virus flu back from Bologna, so I missed the first days of bloom and stayed in bed with a fever (that's why Sun was missing on Sunday). Even more so was I astounded yesterday how progressed everything is. Oh happy spring time!

Some goodies I found:

I wanna make myself these wings!

I love Giula Sagramola's Family Album.

He is soooooo cuuuuute!!!! *Gnaaaaaaaaaaa*

Although it seems the blog stopped last autumn, I still have fun looking through this street style blog ;) The Catorialist!

I can totally feel with this little ballerina.

I wanna be their groupie!

Have a wonderful weekend. Und alles, alles Gute Mama!!! :)

1 Kommentar:

  1. Even though I was out every day, I still think spring came pretty fast this year. Everything is sooooo green already and all the flowers are in bloom. I love this time of the year.