6. Dezember 2011

Johnny Mercer & Margaret Whiting // Baby, it's cold outside

* * * * * *

Baby Its Cold Outside by Doris Day on Grooveshark


  1. These illustrations are so beautiful. I have been checking back every day to see the series unfold. I've urged my meagre blog following to have a look, too.

    I have wonderful friends in Essen and wish I could be in Germany for the holidays (but my German isn't so great anymore). Of course, I can still say, "Danke sehr". And "Frohe Weinachten". :)

  2. @amber: Thank you so much for your kind post and lovely words. I'm happy you like it!! Wishing you all the best too and a wonderful christmas time! :)

  3. The singers are singer/songwriter Johnny Mercer and singer Margaret Whiting NOT Mr. Crosby and Miss Day. Doris Day never recorded "Baby It's Cold Outside" and the only time that she sang the number was on the radio with Bob Hope.

  4. Oh, thank you anonymous! Sorry for that mistake…I found that song labelled this way. Just corrected it!