30. Dezember 2009

Christmas was relaxing, packed with delicious food (like here) and it's food allover again. Today we drove into the countryside, not only to enjoy the new snow (the old one melted away during christmas), but also to get our traditional carp for New Year's Eve, directly from the fisherman. I'm always on the brink of vegetarianism, because the fish is killed especially for us and the worst thing: You can see, how they choose the one and then hear, how he is killed. Forgive us, dear little carp in fish’s heaven.
The lake in the picture above was the carp’s former home *sniff*.

24. Dezember 2009

Frohe Weihnachten! Wish you happy holidays.

21. Dezember 2009

I'm home (in Berlin) for christmas. During the freeze my parents forgot our christmas tree in his water bucket on the balcony. He looks like a mafia victim, having his foot captived in an ice block instead of concrete. Now he stands in the bathtub and has to defrost.

13. Dezember 2009

I'm getting into a festive mood. Today we had our first snow and went on a little stroll through winter weimarland. The baker has delicious things and the advent wreath is glowing with 3 candles. Have a happy third advent!

12. Dezember 2009

My lovely Moravian star (Herrnhuter Stern in German). They originate from Niesky, where my mum's family is from.

8. Dezember 2009

Today was a grey day.

6. Dezember 2009

Today is Nikolausday AND second advent. Have a joyful day!

4. Dezember 2009

I love to get mail, especially when it comes from Santa Claus. Every year I write to this address above. Santa Claus is supposed to sit in German no man's land, in Himmelpfort (which means Heaven's Gate in English) and answers to all the letters he gets during christmas time. It's goofy, but it's fun. The letter is always nicely illustrated by Martina Leykamm and contains some cute DIY instructions or recipes.

2. Dezember 2009

Little birds and their winter hats

1. Dezember 2009

Oh my deer…I'm drawing a lot of reindeers these days. I made this one today for my website.

29. November 2009

Have a happy 1st advent!

25. November 2009

*tadaaa* This is our brand-new advent calendar, made by 11 illustrators (including me) from Weimar.
One has to pick up a scissor every day to cut open the folded page and then one can see what picture is inside.

24. November 2009

Sadly I live in Germany, so this means I have to wait till I can watch certain movies. Like these: Originally two lovely children's books by two great authors, now made into movies by two awesome directors…»Where the wild things are« by Maurice Sendak, directed by Spike Jonze starts on December, 17th *yippie*. The start of »Fantastic Mr. Fox« by Roald Dahl, directed by Wes Anderson, has been postponed to May, 13th in 2010 *buuuuh*

18. November 2009

Our poor pumpkin is feeling his old age now.

16. November 2009

Rainy days are perfect to retreat with a thrilling book.

14. November 2009

Have a nice, laid-back weekend!

13. November 2009

Learnt new words today: »TRISKAIDEKAPHOBIE«, the fear of the number 13. The specific fear of Friday the13th is called PARASKEVIDEKATRIAPHOBIA or FRIGGATRISKAIDEKAPHOBIA. Sounds like magic spells.
Not a good day today for those who have these phobias.

12. November 2009

Autumn fabric leaves...someone put them on a tree in my neighbourhood.

11. November 2009

Totally love the woods at this time of the year. Definitely explains how Grimm’s fairy tales happened to exist.