28. April 2010

I'm a busy bee these days. The weather is so fine, I can work on an open window, enjoying the ringing church bells and the snippets of conversations drifting into the room. Hach, Weimar…

20. April 2010

My website has now a new front page illustration.

19. April 2010

This weekend was so warm, sunny and full of blue skies. The larks' songs hung over the fields. It almost felt like summer. Yesterday Fritze, Flo and I biked uphill to the Ettersberg to collect wild garlic. The woods were full of it and it smelled so good. While we collected, little frogs jumped around. Have a nice start into the week!

18. April 2010

15. April 2010

Today has been Flo's birthday. Instead of going to the countryside as planned, our rented car went on strike and we had to go for the non-existing plan B. Since we were near the train station, we decided spontaneously to hop on a train to Leipzig and there we were, spending the afternoon with coffee and Syrian food and visting an interesting exhibition about the East-German comic zine »Mosaik«. So we made the best out of it.

The goose on Flo's Birthdaycard in the second picture was made by one of my favourite German illustrators for his famous Kinderzimmerkalender - Wolf Erlbruch.

And I loved the reading woman on the hoarding. It is a drawing of a first-grader after an original painting by Gustav Adolph Hennig (1828), which hangs in the museum in Leipzig. Take a look at the original here.

11. April 2010

9. April 2010

We have some warm days here. They hold the promise of summer. The light is dazzling, off goes the jacket and the sun tickles all the plants. I love this time of the year, when the forsythia announces the big green explosion and then there they are, greeting the world. Hello little leaves!

8. April 2010

Easter remnants. I like how it looks, when one flattens out the foil.

4. April 2010

2. April 2010

I'm away for a few days. Have a pleasant Easter break as well!