23. Juni 2010

Doodled around to get in the drawing mood and suddenly he stood there. Does someone want to play with him? Football fever! This evening Germany will stay in the competition or will have to leave the World Cup. It would be the first time Germany has to leave before the last sixteen.

Edit: *tröt tröt* Germany moved further on to the next round!

20. Juni 2010

19. Juni 2010

It's weekend! Wish you a pleasant one!

- - - This photo aged by using this, found via fine little day.

17. Juni 2010

Mmmmmmh ...

- - - Mundraub.

15. Juni 2010

I miss the sea. I'm daydreaming about sailing to Bornholm, where I spent one of my best summers. Yesterday's trip to the »Thuringian sea«, which is actually a dammed and even more so damned lake didn't help. There is nothing better than the real thing. Hence I was particularly delighted, when Flo gave me this little ship as a lovely gift. For now my desk is the sea and my wooden ship is sailing on it, till it gets to «Eraser Island«.

- - - Paper ocean.

13. Juni 2010

12. Juni 2010

Found these pollen balls in the studio. Aren't they gorgeous and oh soo fragile?! The wind seems to have a liking for sculpting. He must have roll pollen around for quite a while, till he got these big spheres. Couldn't hold myself, I had to play around with them a bit. Then I went outside and let them fly. Have a nice weekend!

11. Juni 2010

I love our twilight walks in the park, when the blackbirds sing, duck pairs go on an evening stroll as well, bats start to fly and the evening star begins to glow. So happy I'm living in Weimar.

7. Juni 2010

Ok, I'm a nerd having a live ticker going on, when Apple does its keynote (and this line above is a screenshot of that ticker), but seriously: »Steve Jobs takes off his glasses« isn't really world shaking, or is it? I'm still disappointed that one can't read someone's life signs with the new iPhone or scan food to see if it's poisoned. Come on, Apple! ;)

- - - Rosa sent me this link to an amazing, great, unbelievable video ;)

6. Juni 2010

5. Juni 2010

Oh, glorious, sunny weather! Finally it's here, on a weekend, perfect!!!! And there is still a SUNday to come. Have a nice one (Sun is already very excited).

- - - If someone has an ipod, iphone or ipad, check out Poolga.

1. Juni 2010

Happy Children's Day to all the inner children out there...and, well, to the »real« ones as well ;)

- - - Oh, I'd love to have piano stairs here in Weimar.