29. Januar 2010

Oh, oh, a black cat is crossing my light box…hope, this doesn't mean bad luck. I'm working on my sed card for the IO (German Illustrator's Organisation) and a coffee cat will probably make it to the front.

23. Januar 2010

Interesting, my voice right now is probably an octave deeper than usually and a mixture of a chain-smoking femme fatale and a rusty saw. Having a cold sucks, especially when one planned something different for the weekend than laying in bed and lamenting about the world's inequity. Maybe it's time for this happy teapot lot which came to me on christmas to lighten my grumpy mood. Have a happy, healthy weekend!

Oh, and if you wanna laugh (and understand German), you should read these funny customer reviews on an extraordinary Swiss »pocket« knife at Amazon. My favourite one is the third review: »We moved in last week…« *lol*

21. Januar 2010

A rubber band laid on my desk and now he's not just a rubber band anymore, but an airplane and two twin birds…Yeah, happy, little imagination! ;)

I totally love Gilles Porte's project »Portraits.Autoportraits«. Children all over the world are filmed while they draw on a glass panel. Afterwards their drawings are turned into cute, little animation. Sooo beautiful portraits and sooo awesome to see these pure drawings. Here is the blog about the project and Kayla, Losurum and Kiara are just three of all the videos (scroll left and right under the videos, there are more!).

11. Januar 2010

Although this blog tends to be a string of one winter pic after another, I just can't resist to post some again. These snowy winterscapes are too rare beauties to be ignored.

10. Januar 2010

Low »Daisy« didn't bring as much snow as all the weather forecasters announced droolingly (a five-b-situation!!!). Weather stayed calm and sent little snow flakes, mocking everyone who stockpiled food.
I did a new illustration for my homepage to keep it seasonally correct. Happy Sunday!

7. Januar 2010

Everything will be …
Maybe this is what my computer is trying to say?

2. Januar 2010

Happy New Year! I had a relaxed start into 2010. We have sooo much snow here and enjoy long winter walks. Everything is sleeping under a cosy, thick, white blanket.