30. Mai 2010

28. Mai 2010

27. Mai 2010

My graduation project (which was an illustrated book that contained 30 new pangrams) has received a commendation at the annual competition for young creatives, held by the ADC, the Art Directors Club Germany. Yippie yeah!

26. Mai 2010

Back from the north. Mmh, good days are always fast as lightspeed. On Monday we went to the North Sea. On our trip to the shore, mist came up and hung above the rapeseed fields. The pollen coloured it yellow, so it looked as if a desert storm approached. Strange in a beautiful way. Well, and the North Sea was, as usual when I visit her, away, somewhere in the distant, leaving the tideland behind. Strange in a good way too. But, I don't know, somehow it depresses me a bit to be at the sea without really getting to the sea. At least the air tasted salty and left our skin coated and the wind did wonderfully in holding our kite in the air.
Now I'm back to the daily routine and some anger with bureaucracy *sigh*

23. Mai 2010

22. Mai 2010

Oh, FINALLY, May is like it should be...warm and sunny. And even in Northern Germany, where the sun is a rare guest and where we are at the moment. Nice Whitsun to you!

16. Mai 2010

15. Mai 2010

Having a cup of coffee while klöning *g* with friends. Oh, yes, this is my plan for this weekend. You should have those relaxing moments as well. This Owl Nest Livestream with its fluffy young owls might assist you … 1,2,3 … *ooow, schuuhuuuuu, how cuuute*

14. Mai 2010

Handmade characters *haha*

This is probably lame for most of you, but I have a new Mac with all these hightechwonders like a camera and photobooth *tadaa*. So I couldn't help myself and had to play with it a bit…this is what came out of this. I'm still a bit shy with this new powersnob and I am writing this by using my old, knobbly, friendly PowerBook G4 *pat pat*. He was my first mac, you know. One can't deny this special connection between us *lol*

13. Mai 2010

Two different methods to celebrate Father's Day. Today is not only Ascension Day in Germany (and a day off), but also Father's Day. Haha, I like Wikipedia's explanation of this.
Oh, and those who really celebrate fatherhood should watch Michael Dudok de Wit's animation »Father and Daughter«.

12. Mai 2010

Last weekend we made the best of this spring-pretending-to-be-autumn-weather and went to the International Animation Festival in Stuttgart (this is why sun missed the sunday appearance). 3 days in the cinema watching animation movies - perfect! And there is rain outside and it's fucking cold? So what!

We finally saw »Fantastic Mr. Fox«, even in the original without subtitles and it was sooo good *yeah yeah*. And there were more children's books turned into animations. »Lost & Found« by Oliver Jeffers (which was also very good) and the »Gruffalo« by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler. Oh, this must be awesome for an illustrator (and author) to see one's characters and story suddenly filling the big screen.