31. Januar 2011

A happy bunny out of a hat for a nice, little start into the week.

And if you have a serious case of Monday gloom, please watch this trailer<--click. A movie with a rolling tire in the leading role? Haha, how great is this??

30. Januar 2011

27. Januar 2011

So much to do and so many distracting things for an excuse to do something else. Like Illustration Friday! Again. This week's topic: dusty!

24. Januar 2011

When I muse about things, I like to draw meanwhile. I love to draw this way. It's always very subconsciously, without an aim and I'm surprised what ends up on the sheet of paper.

23. Januar 2011

No kidding, there soon could be a second sun in the sky for a week or two! Just read about it here <-- click. Well, Sun ist not really crazy about Supernova Sun.

19. Januar 2011

18. Januar 2011

I would like to wear masks, whenever I don't feel as confident as I would like to feel. A wild face above mine could help, I think.
*Juchhu* I so wanted to submit something to Illustration Friday for years and now *tatataaaatatatatatataaaaa-little trumpet fanfare* I made it! This week's topic is chicken. Don't ask why it turned out as maritime chicken, I just don't know.

Do you know this? Chicken, chicken, chicken!

17. Januar 2011

In case you wonder: No, it's not sunday, I'm sorry. But Sun discovered the flickr group »What I wore today« and HAD to participate. I tried to convince Sun that wearing not as much could be proven rather boring for this group, but that was quite futile. Well, stubborn sun got its way…again *sigh*. Oh, and in case you wonder again: After yesterday's exertion Supersun's cape got dirty (a weary cloud vomitted upon it) and had to be cleaned. Now it's drying. That's why Sun is without cape and its civilian self again.

16. Januar 2011

At least here in Weimar! Sun kicked some clouds' butts today and gave Weimar a blue-sky-sunday. Let's see if those dark forces will ever show up in town again. Sun is pondering an assistant, but don't know who would look good in tights. Moon already declined.

9. Januar 2011

Sun's tip for grey sundays like today: Drink a hot chocolate, listen to nice music, cuddle with someone you like (preferable with someone furry) and enjoy a cosy sunday!

6. Januar 2011

Panic pencil. Just a silly drawing in the middle of the night. The next deadline is coming soon.

5. Januar 2011

2. Januar 2011

Sun wishes you a happy Year of the Rabbit.
Hello 2011!! The new year received a loud, colourful and sparkling Welcome last night. For 2011 I wish us exactly that: Loud, colourful and sparkling days en masse!
I already had a first this year: I made a teensy-weensy video.
And yes, it's supposed to be blurry. If you don't feel that artsy fartsiness, just imagine you are me. Fireworks looks exactly like this when I don't wear my glasses ;)
Happy New Year to all of you!!