30. November 2010

29. November 2010

Problem with cute sweets: I just can't eat them.

28. November 2010

27. November 2010

Weimar is back in its winter wonderland dress. Rosy-cheeked people. Christmas markets. Strolls in the park and a chai tea afterwards. So beautiful.

After seeing this I even more want an ipad. Oliver Jeffers' new children book app looks so nice.

17. November 2010

*tadaaa* Our advent calendar is back, freshly printed as a 2-color-offset and made by 16 illustrators from Weimar. 24 days and 24 well hidden illustrations. So it's a nice surprise when one has to pick up a scissor every day to cut open the folded page and then to see what picture is inside.

Und wer in Weimar ist: Erhältlich ist er in Weimar im schauschau, im Bauhaus.Atelier und der Eckermann-Buchhandlung oder kontaktiert mich direkt.

Edit: Now available at Dawanda too!

14. November 2010

8. November 2010

When I saw this leaf on the pavement, my mind needed some seconds till it fully comprehended how perfectly coloured the leaf was. So I had to go back and pick it up, couldn't leave it there. I did some patterns instead and it works perfectly. If I would have some »Mr. Leaf of the Year« Competition going one, this leaf would probably win.

7. November 2010