28. Februar 2011

Hearts that crossed my path last week. Wishing you much love for this week!

27. Februar 2011

And to everyone else a fun oscar night!

20. Februar 2011

It's sooo time for spring…in my and Sun's opinion.

15. Februar 2011

It's my birthday!! *big cheering*
And that's me 29 years ago. My Dad thought it very funny to take a photo of little me in front of that poster, mentioning an exhibition of the »Old Masters«.

14. Februar 2011

It's an old illustration, but I thought it fitting for today. Have a lovely Valentine's Day…and Happy Birthday Papa! :)

13. Februar 2011

Sun is preparing for tomorrow.

6. Februar 2011

4. Februar 2011

Out now! A sticker book I illustrated for the London based Usborne publishing company last summer and which has been a lot of fun. Available in 3 versions (English, Spanish or French). Can't wait till I held my own copies in my hands. You can get them here for example.

1. Februar 2011

Goodbye January. Woah, already one month is over. Can't believe it. And now there's February. I like this month. Just 2 weeks till my birthday ;)