31. März 2011

Bologna 2011

I'm back from Bologna and it were some great few days! Although Sun kept us waiting till Tuesday, the downpour on Monday didn't matter, because of us being at the bookfair anyway. I've seen sooo many gorgeous and fun books (especially the French ones), beautifully designed to the last detail. I felt so inspired! Beside googling over all these beauties (I will do a post soon about my »discoveries«), we ate delicious Italian food (like these superjummy handmade popsicles above). Mine has been a strawberry one dipped into white chocolate at the top *mmh*. We did some shopping, saw Camilla Engman's and Ana Ventura's exhibition (the pic with the tea cup is from that exhibition), shared some fun talks, enjoyed coffee (of course) and Sun on our faces. I love Bologna! It's definitely my favourite book fair during the year.

27. März 2011

I'm off to Bologna.
*Hooray* to days filled with tons of childrens' books from all over the world, *mmh* delicious food and some spring days in Italy! I do hope Sun is joining us, although the weather forecast doesn't look very promising. Pleeeease Sun! See? I drew you a sign which way to go, so you can find us.

Have a happy week all of you!

21. März 2011

Have a happy first day of spring!

»We heart endpapers« is a nice blog.

20. März 2011

Yeah, spring is definitely here, birds are singing again! Blackbird's arias now fill the evening's darkening hours. Sun's birdie already arrived this weekend, as I promised Sun last October and he has much to tell about his adventures in the south.

13. März 2011

8. März 2011

Happy 100th International Women's Day to all the ladies and to all the men who have the luck to live with and beside them ;)

7. März 2011

*Klack klack* make her eyes, brown and orange are her colours and she never speaks: The Maus is a widely popular character on TV (illustrated by Isolde Schmitt-Menzel). And today she turns 40!! Happy, happy birthday Maus!! Wish you a fun party with the elephant! Even Google compliments her to this major event.
And here are some clips of the show with her sidekick, the elephant:

Well, and who doesn't know the intro music?

Alles, alles Gute Maus und ein dreifaches *Klack Klack*!!

6. März 2011

4. März 2011

My prancing fox arrived with the mail. He feels happy among all the others at Urban Graphics' new postcard series. All participants and their cards are listed here.

»Lay your head down«! Not new, but nice listening to, especially on a friday afternoon, filled with sun and a springlike mood (it needs a bit of time to load!). Have a foxy friday!