22. Juli 2011


Salty air, calm thoughts and careless days on an island lay ahead. I tune out for awhile and wish you a happy summertime. See you in August!

I've been busy these last months. So I'm really ready to abandon my desk and leave for vacation, but before I do this, I want to show you another book I did illustrations for. It came out this month too and I like it very much. It's »Bulle und Pelle«, published by Gabriel.
It's about Bulle, a little boy, whose rabbit dies and Bulle wonders where he has gone now that he is dead. And so he goes on a little journey during which he meets different people to get an answer. It's a really touching story and I'm happy with the outcome. I especially like the cover, since it turned out exactly like the inner picture I had in mind when I read the manuscript. Here is a more detailed synopsis.

19. Juli 2011


As a kid I was a well-known guest at our local library. At my high time I read about 10 books a week and I didn't need to show my library card, since they knew my name anyway. One of the authors I read was Klaus Kordon, so I was stunned when Beltz asked me to illustrate a book by him. Me? Just moments ago I've been 9 and now I switched sides. Strange in a good way! So, why do I tell you this? Well, the book came out this week and I'm curios to see how this white, little monkey will do out there. Here is a small glimpse:

And here you can find a small description of Kiko's story.

1. Juli 2011


How did this happen??? Half of the year is gone! 6 months!! Old people always complain about time being so fast and the older I get, the more I know what they mean. But, hey, it's still summer!! A happy, warm hello to July! Just so you know, dear July: We are having great expectations!