31. Oktober 2010

27. Oktober 2010

Spam mail poetry. Sometimes it's fun to get them.

26. Oktober 2010

Oh, noooo, Paul is dead!! They found him this morning, floating lifeless in his tank. It's said, he passed away peacefully in his sleep. Bye Paul!

24. Oktober 2010

20. Oktober 2010

Nice rhythmical date today.

19. Oktober 2010

*YEEEAH* Some weeks ago I took part in »Billes Bilderbingo«, a weekly give-away by Sybille Hein, one of my favourite illustrators. And you know what?!! I won!!!! Just got this awesome package in my mail with an original illustration by her. The last time I won something I was nine. It was a drawing competition held by IKEA. The price was an awesome wrist watch, where the second hand was a bear in a little red plane that rotated clockwise all the time.

18. Oktober 2010

12. Oktober 2010

Autumn colours. I like the last picture. It looks as if there's a universe in the Ilm (that's Weimar's creek).
Crazy! This is my 100th post! And even sun is back! Celebraaaaation!!!

3. Oktober 2010